Souvenirs from magic places

Where does your inspiration come from?
I'm a little embarrassed to say this but, I collect magnets from the places I visit. Since mine were linked to places which can be found in literature, TV, movies, videogames, comicbooks and even mythology, I knew that everybody could find their own fantasy souvenir.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Impossible Magnets?
The idea of creating "Impossible Magnets" was born out of my necessity to find the way to complete my magnet collection with those which represent a place that, if it weren't for us, wouldn't exist.

The idea was collecting dust in some drawer, until I shared it with the Spanish designer Sara Enriquez and the Portuguese illustrator Miguel Sousa. They liked it and started developing it. Maybe the idea is mine, but if it weren't for these two guys, "Impossible Magnets" wouldn't exist.

During the process' developing, Miguel Sousa shared the idea with a friend of his who works at Snack Studio, a design studio located in Portugal, and we were lucky enough to have his support as well; Snack Studio workers animated all the Impossible Magnets, which made the idea even stronger.

Will there be any other "Impossible products"?

The idea of creating souvenirs from places inspired in our imagination has no limits. At first, we thought about opening the project to artists who wanted to create an Impossible Magnet from a place they have visited in their dreams. Then, the designs would be published on a blog where we would display all the magnets. But right now, this is just an idea.

How important is imagination nowadays?
I think that constantly feeding our imagination and be aware of what comes from that inspiration is something fundamental. We all have plenty of ideas each day, but we are so focused on our routine that we let them go. I think that is a huge mistake. Both Impossible Magnets and Shaping Clouds have proved me, that not letting our ideas go and turning them into reality brings such joy, because they are ideas that are living in a common imagination that have never been turned into something tangible due to laziness or lack of time.

Do you plan any other project for the near future?

I honestly can't remember. I usually wait until an idea pops out and motivates me enough to dedicate time to it. And when it does, I don't stop until it's real; sometimes alone and sometimes along with people who believes in the idea, just like it happened with Impossible Magnets. It's very important to surround yourself with people that like to dedicate their own time to transform an idea into reality.

What is Camaloon for you?

To us Camaloon was the missing piece to complete the puzzle. Many times you see similar projects to Impossible Magnets on the internet that sadly stay an imagination and nothing more. To us the key for this project was that people could have the chance to acquire them - which really moves people -. We didn't upload the designs on Camaloon with the idea of become millionaires, we just wanted to open the opportunity to get them to whomever wanted the souvenir from a place that visited in a particular moment of their life.

Last comment?

Thanks for helping us spread our ideas. It's a nice feeling to see that what started as a very small idea, has now been seen around the world.

Galería de Impossible magnets

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