Increase your Brand Engagement with Personalised Backpacks

Relationships are very important in life and so they are in business. To create a relationship between you and your customers or employees it is fundamental to exchange something meaningful to both parties.

Stop, and think about it for a moment, how have you been engaging with your clients? Because this is super important for the growth of your business.

For example, let’s take a backpack as the symbol of a potential relationship and let’s understand how you can increase your brand engagement with personalised backpacks.


It Only Takes a Backpack

Sometimes it only takes a backpack to build a relationship with your customer or employee. Backpacks are an incredible instrument of comfort and utility.

Invented to carry valuable things, they have become valuable themselves.

A backpack can grant you a strong connection with the person that is going to use it. They claim who you are and what you are part of. Isn’t that a great opportunity for you and your business?

School and Education (association)

For all the kids and people that go to school, university, and different associations, what is the must-have item? Backpacks!

People’s comfort and mobility is enclosed in them. No matter the weight of what they might carry, a backpack is always going to be the better and safest option.

So, depending on the age of your target audience or students, provide them with the opportunity to have their personalised backpack. It will provide them protection and a sense of identity.


Sport Teams

If you are running a sports team, your athletes are going to need to carry their clothes and equipment. Personalised backpacks are going to be their instrument to be doing that, but not only.

As we mentioned before, with the personalised backpacks you will be able to create a relationship but also make your athletes feel part of a community and carry an identity around. Other people will be able to see and might want to join in as well.



Even if in different scenarios the same goes for the workplace. It is very important to make your employees feel welcomed to be part of a team. A personalised backpack will be useful to them and you at the same time.


Online Merch

If you are a Youtuber, Influencer, digital entrepreneur, then most of the community and clients that follow you will be online. Then the perfect solution is to have online merchandising and ship to those that want to follow you and support your business. Prepare your personalised backpacks and make them available on your website. They will sell out in a blink of an eye!

More backpacks = More Clients

Math is easy with gadgets of such potential. More backpacks will automatically transform into more clients. Yes, because the more backpacks you will be able to sell or offer to customers and employees, the more brand engagement you will have. More clients can only be meaning one thing: the possibility to grow your business bigger and stronger.


At Camaloon we believe in making other businesses grow. Join us in making that possible!

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