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Increase the productivity of your company with custom notebooks

Do you have lots of project for your company, but struggle to focus on the most important ones and get them done? Or perhaps you see that your workers get buried under all their tasks and can't see the overall goal? The Bullet Journal Method® and custom notebooks could be groundbreaking for your company!

What is the Bullet Journal® method?

The Bullet Journal method® consists of using a notebook or journal to write down tasks, events and ideas in the form of bullet points. At the end of the month, you select the most important tasks and ideas left on this list in your custom notebook to be passed over to the next month. By splitting big tasks into smaller ones, you and your team can increase productivity.

What do you need in order to do The Bullet Journal method®?

That's the best part: all you need are notebooks so that you can take notes, draw, or write down tasks. It doesn't have to be the notebook from the creator of the method, Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal®. Any notebook will do! Even better if they are custom notebooks with your company's logo or name. You may be asking why? The answer is so that your employees identify with the company and are more motivated when writing down their tasks in their custom notebooks and so that you, as an employer, use the notebook to your advantage and let it help you remember everything you need to (even at your busiest).

How many notebooks should I buy and how should I design them?

It is up to you to decide. To push you in the right direction, we would like to share with you a few things to keep in mind when you are creating your custom notebooks.

1. Your budget (and number of employees)

2. Your brand identity (serious, fun, stylish?)

3. The colors of your logo (one, two, full-color)

In addition, for some models of our custom notebooks, you have the option of double-sided printing. With the possibility to print on both sides, you can use two different designs; for example, your logo on one side, and a motivating slogan on the other.

Start designing!

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