Quality as a common point

Hi Sara, can you tell us a little about how did A Little Market Italy start and what is its purpose today?

It all started in 2008 when the two founders, Nicolas D'Audiffret and Nicolas Cohen, met Igor Gaignault, specializing in tableware slate in southwestern France. Despite the success of his work, Igor had no experience in business leading new technologies.

They decided to unite to start selling door to door or in the markets. Internet could be a very powerful tool for sales, but the opportunities for traditional products were not so great to enter the market, except establishing a creative and active local business.

In 2009, the two partners created A Little Market, a dedicated platform to promote craftsmanship and online buying and selling handmade creations: jewelry, clothing, leather goods, accessories. The website is encouraging crfatsmen and artists to create their own shop. The platform allows each proposal be independent and people can manage their business, but all together they have much more strength and visibility. A Little Market gives a small commission (5%) on each sale that takes place.

Italy has always excelled in the world of creativity products and the quality of materials. A Little Market values and promotes items handmade in Italy, providing a showcase for young artists dedicated to art that have the same objectives: promote creativity of little things, but think big.

Therefore, A Little Market believes in the local promotion, meritocracy and maintainance of human contact between the artists, the community and the company´s team. We promote craftsmanship not only online, but also organize meetings, trainings and tradeshows.

A Little Market wants to support microbusiness and revitalize the market for craft products of local artists, bringing them into contact with buyers through an established platform.

What similarities do you see between A Little Market and Camaloon?

We knew that we would be kindred spirits. We share the commitment to the highest quality products and dedication to foster creativity.

custom magnets a little market

What kind of customized products you have created with Camaloon. Will you use it and how ?

We have chosen badges, totebags, stickers and magnets to provide all our creators with some material they can use in their events. The quality offered by Camaloon has conquered us right away and at the time of choosing a supplier we had no doubt!

How important is it to be personalized to make a difference?

For us at A Little Market, is a key to success! Making a difference is very important for both: a brand that for creators who use our platform. We want to spread this spirit and spread the word of Italian creativity: there are thousands of creators who make unique handmade products and our mission is to help them on their journey to success.

/ federico