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Present yourself in two lines.

I am a young graphic designer & illustrator. Sardinian-born, adoptive Bolognese and Milanese by love. I have 26 years of films, food, design, drawings, music, photos and gaming behind me.

Tell us something more about your creations on Camaloon.

My illustrations on Camaloon, like most of my creations, are linked by a common thread of pop colours and strange characters.

I live in two worlds! The first, the real world, fascinates me every day. I try to look at my surroundings from different perspectives and try to experience it with irony. It is populated by characters made of flesh and blood who are my inspiration. They have made me hungry for knowledge and have taught me a very important lesson: You have not reached the finish line ...

just yet! It is a world full of satisfaction but my second world is by far the most interesting. It is the world I am transported to every time I pick up a pencil or a mouse. It is a world made up of original stories and inhabited by unique characters. This is the world that is described on Camaloon.

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Ask a question, give an answer.

I have always asked myself: When lightning strikes the sea why don't all the fish die? I like to think that in reality all the fish are made of rubber!

Which project are you most proud of?

Definitely “HUG THE ONE YOU LOVE”. It fully represents the common thread I mentioned before: pop colours and strange characters. The idea came one morning at the breakfast table, I wondered what it would be like to give life to the food I was eating and within minutes the toast was embracing the egg, then the bacon, the butter and the strawberry jam.

Camaloon gave me the chance use these illustrations to personalise badges, magnets, stickers and T-shirts with quality print.

hug the one you love

The products you'd definitely want to personalise.

I'd love to personalise sneakers, already some of my workmates think it would be a good idea, and I have some new creations in mind to develop especially for this type of product.

What is Camaloon for you?

Camaloon is a great site and on-line shop that allows artists to express their creativity on different products and raise awareness of their work. At the same time it offers customers thousands of unique and original products.

Any final comment?

Greetings only for true connoisseurs!

Alessandro Aru

/ federico