Camaloon's crew member presentation: Aurel'

-Present yourself in two lines/ three adjectives.

My name is Aurélien (but everyone calls me Aurel), I’m 23 years old and I’m French. I studied at EM Normandy Business School and right now I’m intern at Camaloon (lucky, right?). I come from Normandy, France (I was born in Rouen, I did my middle and high school in Deauville-Trouville, and I did my college in Caen) I speak fluent English and Spanish. I lived in Spain for 1 year during my Erasmus/International year (10 months in Cordoba and 2 months in Barcelona).

My three adjectives:




What did you like in Camaloon?

I instantly liked the creative and dynamic environment of Camaloon, it was the kind of company I wanted to work for. This company is quite new but it is really active on social networks and also on the web. I loved the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, because my Master in Business School was about «Cross-Cultural Marketing an Negotiation » (so it totally fits to my specialty)

-Your impressions on your first day

When I arrived in Camaloon on my first day, I felt like Camaloon and Itnig were a family or a friendly company and really dynamic at the same time. There is all kind of jobs. Everyone was so friendly to me on this day. About the work, everything started smoothly but it went crescendo during the day until I realized I had plenty of things to do…. That is how we do in a start-up company, and this is what I like about it.

-What will you work on in Camaloon?

I am the Marketing Assistant in charge of the Camaloon Promotion on the French Market. I have to translate every kinds of things, I must give my advice on events or slogans, but most of all I must create partnerships with French bloggers, designers; associations and companies. My tasks are changing every day, and that is for sure what I like the most (not knowing what tomorrow brings).

-Tell us something about you. We love to gossip! ;)

During my student life I did all kinds of summer jobs (to earn a little bit of money). After my High School Degree I worked in Mc Donald’s for two months. I also work as a waiter in Novotel as a job on the side, but maybe the funniest of all is being a promoter for the Erotic Museum of Barcelona (Funny right?…) I’ve never been scared of doing something new or something unusual.

/ aurelien