Carolina Puertos joins the Customer Service team!

Introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Hey there! My name's Carolina, I'm 23, a native of Valencia and now resident in Barcelona! I just came to the city last Fall after living for a year and a half in Slovakia. And yes, it was suuuuuper cold!

What's your job at Camaloon?

First and foremost I'm part of the customer service team for the UK market. I'm also helping with the French and Spanish markets.

First impressions?

From the outset, I really liked Camaloon's young, dynamic spirit. My coworkers were super friendly and made my transition really smooth. I felt part of the team from day one.

What do you like the most about Camaloon?

I love working with people from different cultures. Diversity really is the spice of life!

Tell us an anecdote about yourself. We're nosy ;)

During my phys. ed. class I hid behind a tree to get out of long distance running!!! Sport just ain't my thing. And the teacher never even noticed the class was missing a runner! ;-)

/ kate.busby