7 ways to say "Nobody is Perfect"

Hello stranger. Give us your best elevator pitch.

My name's Elurko, I'm a graphic designer and I regularly use boredom as a creative hook. Most of the time, I'm in a permanent state of mental alertness. Not to mention constant evolution. It goes without saying that this can get pretty exhausting.

We noticed you've got some awesome work available on Camaloon's website.

Yeah, I created seven humorous illustrations about what it means to be human without shying away from the topic. The series is entitled "Nobody is Perfect" and talks about simply coming to terms with who we are, while referencing several classic movies.

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How did you get the idea?

One night at a bar, I ended up getting into a discussion that lasted four hours. I went for a walk to clear my head and almost immediately images featuring my own imperfections and those of others flooded my mind. That particular walk turned into a race to get back home to start putting those images on my screen.

In the process, I discovered that it could be very freeing to create work about common imperfections then attribute them to a character from a TV series or a film.

Describe your job in one word.


Tell us about a project that made you proud.

All artists say their works are a bit like their progeny. But since I'm not an artist, I have a particular fondness for two characters I created, "Sociopath" and "Bipolar." I think that they're a perfect example of how life is, even though it's repressed most of the time.

What's the craziest thing you can think of to customize?

A commercial plane so my work could fly like Superman. And if someone saw at it, they'd wonder if it was a plane. And the answer would be: yeah, that's exactly what it is.

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