Amazing vintage collages by Frank Moth

Tell us what you like in two lines (colour, song, film, food…)

There is two of us, so this has to be a double answer. One of us likes Burial's tunes, the other's favorite song is by Midlake. One of us likes "Fight Club" and the other "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". But we both simply love all kinds of food with the exception of parsley :)

Where does your passion for art come from?

We are both very creative people and we express ourselves in various ways. Our passion to create art comes from our need to gather all our ideas/pictures/thoughts into a whole.

Where do you find inspiration?

Although our references are not yet very clear to us, we can be inspired by particular color combinations on everyday objects, by old vintage photos in blogs, by all the pop culture of the past decades.

Are you a nostalgic person?

Yes, we are. We were born in the 80s but more often than not we can seriously imagine ourselves living in an other decade. That is why we have chosen for our artworks to have a vintage feeling.

Are there any other Camaloon artists that you like?

Of course. We love the work of Cassia Beck and Ali Gulec, their designs are wonderful.

How would you describe your work?

Most of our artworks are vintage collages, simple and centered around people, with some elements of typography and geometric lines or shapes, or floral patterns. Sometimes, even though we realise this may sound like an oxymoron, we add some minimalism, both in colour and design.

cases by frank moth

Tell us a funny story about you or your work.

A funny thing about us is that we still ask for one another's opinion about an artwork, even though we already know we are going to disagree.

The project that makes you proudest.

We are proud of the fact that our life side-project, Frank Moth, actually exists and we are able to work together as one.

One last comment?

Thank you for this interview. We think it is important for people to get to know the artists behind the work they buy. And Camaloon is a great place to start, since it offers a very special range of products, in affordable prices for everyone.

/ federico