Mayka's roar

Describe yourself in two sentences.

I'm a very creative, honest, enthusiastic and unassuming woman; a woman who's always dreaming up and creating new things, constantly striving to find out the "why" behind things and who is passionate about art.

Why tattoos?

I have no real connection with tattoos myself, but if someone likes them a lot I find the process of creating them really interesting.

Where does your passion for art come from?

Since I was a child I've always loved drawing and creating. Likewise, I consider imagination to be something entirely unique.

Ask a question, give an answer.

My question would be, what's the motivation behind my art?

My motivation comes from my passion for art and creating new things. Things that have never been seen before.

Are there other Camaloon artists you like?


How would you describe your style?

My style is a combination of the abstract and the traditional with a touch of modernity thrown in; its geometric look gives it a real sense of dimension and its originality creates a different feel for each piece.

Tell us about your creations on Camaloon.

My Camaloon pieces are part of a series on wild animals; which is something I'm really passionate about. My intention in each piece was to show the power of these animals

cases with lions, tiger, leopard

What project are you proudest of?

At the moment, the project I'm proudest of is called "fractal memories", which comes from circumstances in my own life and how I've worked through them.

Tell us a story about you or your work.

A story about my work would be how I entered a competition to win a place at a New York gallery.

It was a great experience.

How would you describe Camaloon?

Camaloon is a place where I can promote my art; it distributes a wide range of pieces, and it's also a great place to get known as an artist.

Any last words?

I really like Camaloon, I think it's a great place to promote your art and get to know new artists.

/ federico