Ready to design an air freshener

Describe yourself in two sentences

I'm Simone "Duman" Marinelli. I was born in Viterbo on 11/03/1982, and was adopted by Florence 9 years ago, where I work as a graphic designer and illustrator.

What are your passions?

Designing breasts and strange dolls, biking, doodling on my skin, music, sushi, laughing... Loads of things... Too many!

Who would you take to a desert island?

Cri♥, a sketchbook and a pen.

Ask yourself a question, and answer it.

What's life? Crazy, aged and beautiful.

What would you like to design for Camaloon?

Toilet seats and pine tree air fresheners.

What project are you proudest of?

I'm proud of all of my projects really. I think I'm proudest of Disagio because I have more freedom with it.

Do you like any other Camaloon artists?

I like loads of them!

Are you working on any great ideas at the moment?

Loads! They're all still in the research stage but I'll launch an oldskool skate project real soon.

Tell us a story about yourself (personal or professional)

Hmm.... stories.... haha!

For example, the TIT project really makes me laugh, especially as they are always banning it on Facebook and other social networks at least once a month.

How would you describe Camaloon?

Camaloon is a wonderful space for creativity, bringing together many great illustrators.

Any last words?

A big hello to everyone at Camaloon, my grandma, my mum and Cri, who's waiting for me on the desert island.


As we're waiting for Simone's new creations in our gallery, here is an idea of what you can find on Camaloon.

Custom Cases and Skins by Simone duman Marinelli

/ federico