A backpack full of dreams

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences:

My name is Toni. I came to Barcelona as a young man with a backpack full of dreams. And at the moment I'm doing rather well!

What do you do at Camaloon?

My function is to support ninjas by doing things that cost them time or are related to the preparation of files for printing.

What do you like the most about Camaloon?

I like Ping-Pong though I've yet to find someone to play with! Hopefully I'll start soon.

What happened during your first day in Camaloon?

I got the impression that Camaloon is a youthful company with a fun atmosphere.

Tell us a story about yourself. We are very nosy! ;)

Not long ago, I had to clean the floor in my new apartment with a special dissolvent. As it happens, someone had left a bottle of water near to where I was working that looked identical to the bottle of dissolvent. While I was removing the glue, my sense of smell was gone and to cut a long story short, I ended up choosing the wrong bottle to drink from. And as I'd been quite thirsty, it was a pretty sizable gulp.

/ federico