How to narrate big stories with photography

Two lines to introduce yourself or three adjectives

Hi! My name is Víctor, and I love the simple but important things: to be with friends, travel, music, cinema and, of course, photography. My secret vice is to cook, because is really similar to the traditional photography lab: any ingredient has their "personality", and the success (and failure) are very similar.

What do you do at Camaloon?

I work at Image Brand Development, Art Direction, and finally we are making new projects with photography and video.

What did you like the most of Camaloon

Many things! I like passion, ideas, implication and flexibility with that everybody in this team push to the company.

Can you describe your photography style?

No, I can't, but is important narrate something, and that's it a very important responsibility, because when you're talking (with images), you have to contribute something important or useful for somebody, because the world is saturated of visual contamination.

Why good photography is important to the success of a e-commerce?

Because photography is the main way to sell something on the web: you have to create photos which are fair and true with your product, and help it to highlight in his strong points. Photography is key in the perception of the public: a bad photo from something really good may ask for the people an effort to believe in your word instead the information which their eyes are watching.

Tell us a story about you.We are very nosy! ;)

I have to confess that I love to laugh and always I'm thinking any situation for do it

/ federico