Micro-interview with Jaume Montserrat

Jaume Montserrat

Introduce yourself in two words

My name is Jaume Montserrat and my main passions are drawing and nature.

I love travelling while mixing these two interests.

Speaking about your interests, first tell us quickly about your tastes (colours, songs, movie, food and so on).

I know it might sound weird but I don’t have a favourite colour, and it’s the same thing with literature and music: it depends on the moment. Regarding my diet, I chose to be vegan and I have to say that I love the vege-burger that my mom cooks.

And what are your centres of interest? Where does come from you passion for art?

I’ve always been drawing since I’m a kid and during my adolescence I also tried theatre and music. I prefer a good book presentation or and self-edition festival in an exhibition at MACBA.

Ask yourself a question and answer to it.

Are you happy? You’ll never have everything, but I’m living the best part of my lifetime.

Which product would you like to design for Camaloon?

Now I’d like to experiment with the textile environment, T-shirts and might be trying wallstickers.

Where do you find inspiration?

From time to time it comes from the sentences I read in a book or from the feeling you can get in a concert, in a movie, or any play. Occasionally, it also comes from the conversations with friends or strangers in a bar.

Who is your favourite artist – famous or not?

I admire the Renaissance graphical quality and the M.C. Escher’s imagination; I envy some artists like Pat Perry or James Jean.

How do you create? (place, environment?)

I like to take picture during all my trips and then to rank them by country and by month on the computer. I often start with these pictures and I mix them with the draft I’ve previously done on the doodle book.

Tell one story that happened to you on your daily life or at work.

Since I was 15 to 20 I used to work in a tobacco shop to be able to pay the studies. When I turned 19 I started to work including the weekends as a housekeeper in a sportive pavilion. Thus, I started to draw with a pen everything I used to see - it was my way to curse the material and school investment – so I kept the pens at home. So since then, I haven't bought a single pen.

What is Camaloon for you?

It’s an opportunity for designers to be able to spend time creating their world. They can rest by giving up the time you need to test all the materials, the distribution and so on. I think it’s a way to relieve the artists’ concerns and so make their artworks more affordable to their target.

A last comment?

I want to thank all the Camaloon team for its work.

/ aurelien