​Lollipop-shaped badges for events!


You have scheduled a huge event coming soon and you don’t know what kind of goodies you can offer? In this article we give you a nice and original idea!

Thanks to David Ramos, from Salamanca, today let’s present the new goodies idea to offer to your guests. With this special touch every organizer will be jealous of you!

For his wedding, David has decided to offer to his guests some really fun lollipop-shaped badges that gave the smile to everyone.

They used sentences like “Free hugs”, “I fit better in the suit before the cocktails!, “Thanks for coming”. Obviously, David was close to his guests!


Badges are evergreen products and are an original and efficient way to give goodies to make them remember your event forever: For weddings, baptisms, communions and so on…. What are you waiting for? Create your own badges now!

Like David, you can customise it as you want. With different colours and finishes, you will be the pop star of the family! Be the one organizer everyone will have in mind for his/her awesome goodies details!


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