Camaloon is Love at first sight! Welcome Christiane!

Two lines to introduce yourself or three adjectives

Hi, I’m Christiane and I’m from Berlin, Germany.

I’m open-minded, creative and quite entertaining.

What did you like the most of Camaloon?

The best thing about Camaloon is the team.

Something is always going on in the office.

The Camalooners know how to work and have fun at the same time.

Your first day in Camaloon, what happened?

At my first day in Camaloon, I was very surprised when I was introduced to everybody in the team and in the factory. That was the moment when I first felt the cultural difference.

In germany for instance, if you meet people you are working with and especially older people, you shake hands. But here in spain everybody gives two kisses on the cheeks.

I was quite insecure, but I gave and received around a million kisses on the cheeks to everybody in camaloon on my first day!

/ federico