Make your own calendar with photos!

From today, you can make your own calendar with photos online with Camaloon. We're talking about the most awaited personalised item of the season: a wall calendar that you can make unique by adding 14 photos: one for each month of the year, one for the front cover and another for a dedication page.

If you were looking for somewhere to make calendars with photos, Camaloon's the right place for you. All you have to do is think about which photos you want to use to make a unique and memorable calendar. Your most beautiful memories from the past year, photos of you as a kid or a selection of your best holiday snaps. The possibilities are endless. If you like animals, you can make a calendar with photos of your dog or cat.

Why are personalised calendars so popular?

It's easy to guess why a calendar with photos wins everyone over. Not only is it something that we keep on our walls for an entire year, it is a great way to remember enjoyable moments every day, month after month. It's a perfect birthday present or Christmas gift for grandparents, parents or friends.

On Camaloon, you'll find a collection of backgrounds and templates that you can combine with your photos to make your own calendar with photos online. From plain to colourful; there's something for every taste and occasion..

When you make your own calendar online, you can personalise the cover page and dedication page, and add text for each month so that your calendar is even more unique.

What's more, you can hang your calendar on any wall in your house, thanks to its practical hole at the top. Where do you want to hang yours? In the dining room or study, or even the kitchen, so you can make note of the most important days while you have breakfast.

Now you just have to play around and check out the possibilities to bring your online calendar with photos to life.

/ federico