​Micro-interview with Judit Maldonado

Present yourself in two lines

Judit, I’m 21 years old, illustrator and graphic designer. I’m passionate of art, animals and to have deep thoughts all day long.

Tell us about your tastes in two sentences (colours, songs movies, ore ven food…)

I’m in love with the White colour, the neutral ones and brush-stroke of black colour. Alternative rock and classical symphony. Funny movies or philosophical movies. Good food and vegan food.

What are your centres of interest? Where does come from your passion for art.?

Since I’m a kid I have a pencil or a pen in the hand, and later on I started to be interested in the graphic design. Let’s say that my love for art is not a family tradition (there is always a black sheep inside all families).

Which kind of product would you like to design for Camaloon?

Cases and skins for Smartphones, Pads and also T-shirts.

How do you get inspired?

I get my inspiration from my daily life, nature, a mood moment, a thinking moment or even a song.

Who is your favourite artist – famous or not?

I love the Vulk Jevremovik’s eloquence, the Alyssa Monks’ hyperrealism and the David Hockney’s spontaneity among all.

How do you proceed to create? (place, environment?)

I change when I have to create. I might be something really fast so I just take my doodle book or a paper and from this comes my sketch and sometimes even more than just this. Also I would sketch it first (without really thinking about it) and then I take a good pencil (the one I spend more time with until I’m fine with the result).

Tell us something about yourself or your work.

I just remember when I first started illustrating the magazine’s front page for its contest. Yorokobu, well, was drawing scarabs. I was alone in my room and then came my aunt asking for me: My mother answered her: Well, she’s drawing cockroaches, I don’t know what the hell she’s doing inside right now…. Finally the cockroaches won the contest.

What is Camaloon for you?

It’s a great way to spread my work away and thus that people who like my work can buy it and have it in their daily life.

A last comment?

Do it with passion or don’t do it at all.

/ aurelien