Micro interview Fonzy Nils

Introduce yourself quickly

Hi! I´m Fonzy Nils, born in the 90´s, I got a diploma in architecture and I´m an illustration lover. My way of communicating is really personal through the characters living in my head and in my heart.

What do you like? (music, movies, passions…)

I don´t have any specific preferences. I like to be a free thinker. I love the cartoons and movies from the 80´s, I like also to read Peanuts and Jacoviti comics and last but not least Paulo Coelho´s work. I listen to all kinds of music, without any preference of genre: I like movie soundtracks as much as classical music.

What would you like to design for Camaloon?

What is cool about Camaloon is the possibility to use different supports to make my characters come to life. I am curious to know what my designs would look like as wallstickers.

¿How do you get inspired?

It depends, sometimes I spend days without ideas and other days the enlightenment comes. Inspiration can´t be controlled or hoped for, but I usually get it while watching a movie, listening to music or drawing meaningless doodles.

Who is your favorite artist? Famous or not.

I follow hundreds of artists. Jacoviti and Roger Hargreaves are the reason I draw characters today. The Charles Schulz´s narrative comic style contributed to the romantic streak of my characters.

How do you create? (environment, stimuli, hangups ans so on)

Drawing has to come naturally to me. Working at home, on a messy desk with the computer and the design tablet. I design most of the time with a pencil, and then when I´m satisfied, I digitilize everything on the tablet and with Illustrator. Lately, I started drawing with the TV background. I finished watching “Breaking Bad” and “How I met you mother” this way!

Tell us something about your personal of professional life.

I´m going to tell you something about a Project I got finished for the Italian festival called Rock in Roma. I designed all the characters for the image and the communication of the event. I believe it´s an important project, so if you want to have a look at it, go to fonzynils.com or watch my portfolio.

What is Camaloon to you?

Camaloon is an extraordinary project, because through badges, T-shirts and other products it tributes to art at large. The best part is that now you are a unique community with followers that barely know you but who already fell in love with your style. I´m proud of being part of such an idea.

Last comment?

Thank you Camaloon for building a place for my characters and me! Life is like a cloud, it changes only with your imagination.

Fonzy Nils´s Camaloon Gallery

/ aurelien