Micro-interview with Júlia Cantavella

Introduce yourself in two lines.

I’m Júlia, illustrator for the oprations headquarter of Barcelona. I love to be waken up with the light, I have alot of green plants even though I don’t have enough hands to take care of all of them. I like to ask for dessert even if I can’t eat more.

Tell us about your tastes in two sentences (colours, songs, movies, food…).

A colour? Turquoise. A song? l Bayón de Ana. A movie? The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Food? Almond milk drink and fartons.

What are your centres of interest? Where does come from your passion for art?

I like stories, illustrated mostly, or in a video shape, even in music shape or written. I like to listen to it and then to invent it and draw it down is a way of narrating a story.

Ask yourself a question and answer it.

Cats or dogs?

Actually I trust more the dogs.

What product would you like to draw for Camaloon?

I’d like to draw hard shell cases for smartphone. It’s always hard to find one that I like.

How do you get your inspiration?

Sea inspires me, also music from the 60’s, tripped printing, summer fruits, my grandparents’ photo album and the naked trees during winter.

Who is your favorite artiste - Famous or not?

I love the shapes that draws Saul Bass, The invention of Isidro Ferrer, The textures of Rebecca Dautremer, the absurdes motions of Gondryn, the colours of Mariscal… I could keep on going and I’ll fill out all the blog space.

How to do you proceed to create? (place? environment?)

They say that the inspiration can come at any moment, thus I always carry a little doddle book just in case something occurs in my mind. The sad part is that it usually happens while I’m swimming, and obviously there I can’t doodle something, so I must keep it on my mind until I et home and quickly draw what I was thinking about.

What is Camaloon for you?

Camaloon is a good way for my drawings to be part of other people through daily life items. I just love it!

Run to Júlia’s gallery and find out which of her artworks turned into Camaloon’s products you like the most.