Micro interview with Paula García

Introduce yourself in two lines.

Hello! My name is Paula García, I'm from Almería, Spain and I dedicate myself to graphic design and illustration.

Tell us a little more about you. What do you like? (a color, a song, a movie, food...)

Regarding music, I really like heavy metal. I also enjoy TV shows, films and videogames. 90% of my wardrobe is black. And I can't just say one favourite food... My mom's canellonni and my mother-in-law's pizza. :P

Where does your passion for art come from?

I started drawing when I was a little kid and I don't really know why, but the thing is that I have never stopped doing it. My mother signed me up for painting lessons and I ran every drawing contest that my school organised.

Ask yourself a question and then answer it.

Spanish potato omelette. With or without onion? WITHOUT.

Is there any Camaloon artist that you like?

Yes. I have been following for quite some time Jotaká and Louis Roskosch. I love their work. I also admire Ana Seixas.

How would you describe your style?

I think this one is the toughest question that someone can ask an artist, haha. I guess I tend to simplify everything as much as I can and I try to make colours gain an appropriate prominence.

Who is your favourite artist? - whether famous or not.

It is really difficult to choose one, and sometimes I'm lucky enough to discover new artists that I really like through social media channels. But I definitelly have a crush on Louis Roskosch's work. :P

Tell us about your artworks on Camaloon.

Anyone that visits my gallery will realise that I mainly like to draw what people usually asks for: famous tv shows and movies characters.

How did you feel when Breaking Bad was over?

Good and bad at the same time, haha. It's always sad when a TV show that you're addicted to ends, but it's true that it wouldn't had made sense if it lasted longer. That's why I think it ended with perfect timing.

We would love to hear an anecdote of yours!

My laptop hasn't been working at its full capacity for quite some time now and when it runs out of battery, no warning is shown. More than once I started drawing without saving the file and my laptop just shut down, leaving me staring at a black screen for two minutes. I guess I never learn! :P

How would you define Camaloon?

A platform that supports artist and offers a different approach to day to day products.

Last comment?

Thanks for offering me the opportunity to let people know me a little better! :)


Take a look at Paula's gallery here!

/ anna