Micro-interview to Laura Watton-Davies aka PinkapplejamArt

Tell us about your tastes in two lines (color, song, movie, food ..) My tastes are... garish - for example my personal fashion sense is inspired by cartoon characters and kid's TV presenters from the 80's! But... I think this is fun and definitely influences my art a lot!

How do you see your personality? A bit loud and annoying, but hopefully energetic and funny too...?

Which are your areas of interest? Strong lineart, fantastic colours, worldwide comics, and... cats.

How long have you been interested in art? Ever since I was a child; my mom always recalls me drawing lots of detail at a very young age, for example "even drawing the scales on a fish" when I was using crayons (proud parents?!)

Where does your inspiration come from? My friends who make comics and illustrations, and in general, the internet. Tumblr is really inspiring. Be careful not to get sucked down the rabbit-hole of never-ending scrolling... but there's so much good art out there!

Which is your favorite artist - famous or not? I have so many, it's so hard to pick one! Traditional - Alphonse Mucha. Contemporary - Akemi Takada (character designer).

How do you proceed to create? (Place, environment?) I sketch on paper (usually in front of TV or in the pub), then take a lazy photograph using my phone. When sat at my PC, I drag it from my Picture Folder into Manga Studio or Photoshop and make digital edits. I then ink using Manga Studio and colour using Photoshop or Paint Tool Sai. If I'm feeling "traditional" I will print out the digital lineart on a lazerjet printer, and colour using markers and pencils. I also like drawing and using white pencil and inks on cardboard (it gives a cool texture).

How would you describe your work? Definitely pop, a bit retro and always comic-influenced.

Have you any advice for new artists? Advice I should probably follow more myself! Do life-drawing classes, draw things you don't want to draw, realise you can do boring stuff and find it interesting to "zone out" to (for example, drawing lace, buildings, etc - repetitive patterns can be fun). Ask for good and useful feedback, but do not always expect praise. Lastly, don't just sit on your ideas - get up and make stuff!

Would you spend a good word for Camaloon? Always! I love the different merchandise avenues Camaloon provides. The collaboration with artists is unique and supportive, too.

Last comment?? If you are on Facebook, please visit my art page if you get chance! https://www.facebook.com/PinkapplejamArt - Thank you for looking!

Thanks Camaloon for the awesome opportunity - and you, for reading! ^o^/

Laura is organising a contest via her website in collaboration with Camaloon, where you can win a skin to customise your iPhone4 or iPhone5. To be one of the lucky 3 winners you only have to choose between the 2 illustrations Laura have designed for this contest, hosted until 15th October 2013.

Both PinkAppleJam and Camaloon will publish the list of winners on 16th October 2013 with the chosen Squishy-chan themed design! You vote by clicking on the heart of the design (click on image below):

/ federico