​How to make your wedding look like a movie

A few days ago, Paola told us about her original idea of using Camaloon magnets for her wedding.

The October 2nd, Paola and Mirko got married. They wanted to celebrate it and pay tribute to their true passion: Cinema.

This is the reason why the whole wedding was designed according to it. For instance, the music they played during the ceremony and reception was Paola and Mirko´s favorite movie soundtracks.

A most original wedding ceremony: the newlyweds created magnets with movie posters that were associated to different tables at the reception. this way all guests knew where they had to sit. But no worries, if they did not like the movie they got they could switch for a different one.

magnets ideas for your wedding guest cardboard

Moreover, each guest found his name on a magnet that looked like a cinema ticket.

The idea of customizing a magnet to replace the traditional cardboard was definitely successful. Easy to give away and to keep for long.

/ aurelien