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Mug Printing Techniques Decoded

If you would like to create high-quality personalised mugs for your business but are overwhelmed by all the different printing techniques out there, do not despair! Here’s a short and simple overview that will make your choice much easier for your personalised coffee cup, personalised bamboo coffee mugs, personalised metal mugs or even personalised novelty mugs.

Camaloon simple mugs printing techniques

What printing options does Camaloon offer for mugs?

Camaloon offers silkscreen printing, sublimation printing and laser engraving that you can used for your personalised travel mugs.

What is silkscreen printing?

Silkscreen printing (serigraphy) is a printing technique that transfers a design onto a product through a fine screen or mesh. After printing, the products are heated to ensure proper curing.

Camaloon silkscreening mugs printing techniques

When to choose silkscreen printing?

You should opt for silkscreen printing if you need lots of mugs with just a few colours. Silkscreened mugs can include both words and images, and you can create special effects using different types of ink, glitter, etc. However, silkscreen printing does not work with gradient colours. It works best for bold and graphic designs.

What factors affect the price?

The price of silkscreened mugs depends on:

  • The number of colours
  • Quantity

When it comes to silkscreen printing, more colours equals higher costs. Separate screens are created for each colour in your design, and each layer of colour requires more preparation time and resources. Therefore, silkscreen printing is more suitable for simpler designs of up to four colours.

Silkscreen printing is a costly method for small orders. The larger the order, the more cost-effective it becomes compared to other printing techniques. 

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation is a printing technique where a full-colour mirror image is printed with a special printer onto special transfer paper and then applied to a product using a heat press.

Sublimation printing technique mug

When to choose sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing works great on white or light-coloured mugs, and it is the best option for very detailed, colourful and gradient images and photos. It allows for more creative and one-of-a-kind designs and produces vibrant colours as well as precise colour reproductions. The result is a more high-end product.

Sublimation printing technique photo

What factors affect the price?

The price depends on quantity. Sublimation printing is a cost-effective option for low-volume projects or projects with lots of colours. It is time-consuming, impractical, generally requires substantial resources and is therefore expensive for larger orders.

What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving is a printing technique that uses a laser beam to change the surface of a product. The laser generates a lot of heat which vaporizes the matter and exposes the cavities that form the final image.

Laser engraving printing technique

When to choose laser engraving?

Laser engraved items are very popular, and you should opt for laser engraving if you want a more sophisticated look for your mugs. You can have various things engraved, such as logos, artworks and text, however, it is not possible to choose colours with laser engraving.

What factors affect the price?

In general, lasers are expensive, and anything done with a laser tends to be pricey. However, what you get is a more exclusive mug and a better gift. 

Laser engraving printing technique pattern

In a nutshell

No matter what printing method you choose, all of our mugs are super durable and dishwasher-friendly. If you are not sure how to use mugs for advertising, check our blog on how to promote your business with personalised mugs. At Camaloon, we use cutting-edge tools to produce a wide range of promotional items. Check our website for more products.

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