Check out our brand-new sweatshirts and hoodies!

The release we've all been waiting for is finally here! Give it up for the all-new sweatshirts and hoodies that have just joined Camaloon's range of customizable products. Enjoy these purveyors of style. Get to work personalizing them!

Wrap it up!

At Camaloon, we're always looking for the best products for you to customize exactly the way you want. So it may not come as a surprise that these super fly sweatshirts and hoodies were selected to be part of the textile line. Made from either 100% cotton or organic cotton. Styles for men and women. Perfect for sports or travelling in comfort.

It's a hoodie thing

The new customizable garments are perfect to survive the chilly season. The question is, how would you prefer them? With or without a hood? Why not take a look at the new hoodies with Kangaroo pouch as a pretty awesome option to look stylish and feel great, no matter what the weather.

We've got your back

Our hoodies and sweatshirts are the ultimate in customizable items. Add your own photos or message to the front or reverse of the garment to really create the look you want. Get ready for your buds to ask you to do a twirl! And if you go out running with your new sweatshirt, get ready to show off your stellar back to the world.

Environmental goodness

You already know that we love quality products. But get ready for the next level of omg amazing: we're now introducing an organic line of hoodies and sweatshirts to the range that are chemical-free. People with allergies - suffer no more!


The new hoodies and sweatshirts are available in a delicious palette of colors. Enjoy hues that look awesome with pretty much anything. Gray, blue, heather pink and much more. Take your pick!

And most important of all, have fun customizing the new hoodies and sweatshirts.

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