Wear organic, be trendy.

Hi Eddie, today we are pleased to have you here to introduce a new product on Camaloon, Organic t-shirts. A brand new ecological model to complete our t-shirt line.

What was the need to introduce this new t-shirt model? It is not a secret people are paying more attention to environmental issues. Integrating our line with custom organic T-shirts seemed the right choice. We worked hard to find a t-shirt model that was organic and fashionable at the same time, where the quality of the fabric would complement the colours and fit of a trendy product.

Let’s talk about the material.which is the main difference with the standard t-shirts?

The material these t-shirts are made of is cotton. But what is special about them is that this cotton was cultivated without the use of pesticides. This is important for our skin and gives the t-shirts a special, softer touch and feel but it is also important for the planet. Cotton fields are the main responsible for the use of pesticides in world cultivations. Supporting an industry that grows chemical-free cotton means helping the environment and ensuring a better future.

By introducing this new line of t-shirts we want to show people how important our daily choices are, even when it comes to choose the fabric our clothes are made of.

Who will be interested in organic t-shirts?

These new organic t-shirts are for all those who pay special attention to environmental issue, but also for those who care about trends and fashion. The new t-shirts respond to market trends and will come in fashionable, seasonal colours. The new line is meant to integrate our classic one, where clients will find looks and colours that never go out of fashion.

Wiil there be any changes in the printing process?

We will use the same printing techniques to satisfy our clients' needs. DTG for photos and small quantities and screenprinting for larger orders and designs with few colours. Those techniques allow us to always offer our users the best solutions for them at the best price.

What is Camaloon's goal with this new product?

We want to introduce a premium line for all our products in order to complement the classic one. This means more choice for our customers. They will always be able to opt for classic finishes, qualities and colours or go for products more in line with the trends. We want to give people the ability to choose what best fits their needs, their standards and their lifestyle.

/ federico