New templates of your favourite shows.

Now you can create your mugs, t-shirts, badges and all Camaloon products with the new templates based on the most famous shows. We have widened our collection of icons and templates in order to introduce you to the selection that grabs you the most.

You will be able to customize your designs with the most famous characters and phrases, add names, change the colour and size or combine them with your photos.

You will be a star with a Breaking Bad t-shirt or with a mug for stirring up the most intellectual minds such as that of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. In this new family, we couldn't miss out the famous question: 'plata o plomo?' (silver or lead?) in true Narcos style for adding to your bags, sweaters or mobile cases.

Get comfortable and enjoy your favourite shows more than ever. At Camaloon we always have everything you like within reach.

/ federico