#NousSommesUnis, a hashtag to change the world

After the Paris attacks left the world in shock, efforts to reassert a message of peace and unity between peoples quickly ensued. At Camaloon, we were honoured to have had a humble role in the process, namely when French NGO AssoCoexister asked us to produce badges and stickers for its sensitive and intelligent campaign #NousSommesUnis (“We Are United”).

Once printed at Camaloon’s factory in Barcelona, the square badges and stickers were swiftly transported to Paris to be worn by members of AssoCoexister’s collective, distributed to various organisations as well as stuck on walls across the French capital. The message? We are united, not only in France, but with all peoples.

The distribution of the #NousSommesUnis campaign on both social media and in the streets offers a strong counter message to the fear and mistrust spread by acts of terrorism, past and present. AssoCoexister hopes that by seeing the hashtag on a wall in the street or as part of a Tweet, people will be inspired to check out the campaign website and pledge their support. Suggested acts of solidarity include giving blood, a financial donation or simply connecting with neighbours in the fight again racism and prejudice.

The campaign has already inspired the support of several French politicians and social activists, including leading figures from Jewish, Christian and Islamic associations in the country. The purple square badges that elegantly fit the campaign hashtag now adorn the uniforms of, among others, the Muslim Scouts of France.

Camaloon has been extremely proud to have collaborated on such a worthy project and extends a warm thanks to those who have given up their time to make it happen.

/ federico