OFFF 2014: Surrounded by design

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Just like last year, we took part in the OFFF Festival and we've been once again impressed with this event!

The OFFF Festival was born as a small gathering more than 10 years ago as a post-digital culture festival, today it is a reference for people who love art and contemporary design and those who look for a way to evolve and transform everyday with their work.

In this groundbreaking and creative background, we decided to go the whole hog, building a special stand, the Be Noticed Corner, where people could breathe an air of design, giving all artists the opportunity to contribute to the appearance of the stand. This gave the audience a way to interact with our product offer, get to know Camaloon.

How did The Be Noticed Corner work?

After building a rigid structure, the walls were covered accurately by our vinyl chalkboard, thus forming an available surface for artists to express their creative side. A space for inspiration.


This design marathon for the Camaloon stand has seen artists like of Yuko Shimizu, Aaron Koblin, Casey Neistat, Ash Thorp, Joshua Davis, Stephan Walter and Oliver Jeffers.

You can see their contribution to the Be Noticed Corner in this video:

The Be Noticed Corner, why did we do that?

Every day, Camaloon, is in very close contact with artists from around the world through its online platform. Giving space for artists to apply their designs to the products, we are the megaphone of the art when we speak about customization.

For this reason we created the Be Noticed Corner, a customizable stand as the highest expression of the design applied to an immaculate support.

Yuko Shimizu.jpg

Dulcis in fundo, we’ll leave some comments from all of us. Thank you all for taking part of this experience. And if you want to join our artist community, we’re looking forward to receive your e-mail at


"It makes you feel proud of being a designer and part of Camaloon"


"Last year, when I attended OFFF I didn't know what I was going to experience.

It ended up being overwhelming. I summarized my feelings with a tweet: "I feel like if the @OFFFest massaged my brain giving it broadband for ideas to flow faster, smoother and sharper".

I had the exact same feeling this year. By just attending a couple conferences (I was too busy filming people draw on the Camaloon Be Noticed Corner chalkboard) I felt inspired. Inspired by these talented people that OFFF always invites. It was fun to interact with some of them while they were drawing on our wall. We shared the Camaloon ladder with Joshua Davis, and got Yuko Shimizu to draw us an amazing pattern (thank you!).

I look forward to experiencing even more at OFFF 2015."


"OFFF is the best place to spend a weekend surrounded by creativity, artists, ideas, fabulous speeches which inspire and refresh your mind and great brands proposals where to spend your money on! That was the aim of Camaloon, to have a great and inspiring time and give the same back!"


"The OFFF Festival was awesome! The artists and the environment were incredible! It was a hub of creativity and art! I met all kind of people coming from everywhere! More than a festival, it was a great experience!"


"From this last OFFF edition I fixed a snapshot: The way people stare at the stand. I want to emphasize as the Be Noticed Corner would increase its value through the eyes of the people, to the amazement of the audience every time they passed in front of this artistic blackboard and to the elusive gaze of the artists who, whenever they passed by, could not help throwing the eye to their work, to see if it was still there to tell something about them between many designs."


"As a Brand Manager I am very proud of the work of all the Camaloon team there at OFFF Festival.

At first, I must admit, I got butterflies in my stomach. In the days before the Festival I had that nice feeling but at the same time I was focusing all my attention in achieving something big. By seeing the reaction of the designers, I realized that this dream was coming true. As someone once said <<You have to dream before your dreams can come true>>."


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