Searching for a Online Marketing Assistant (Part-time)

Camaloon is a young company based in Barcelona and specializes in selling customized products and art throughout Europe via the Internet: plates, magnets, stickers ... The team is formed by a mixed group Internet professionals, we are multicultural and multidisciplinary.

We are seeking a Marketing Assistant to enrich our team and continue to grow. It is a fantastic opportunity for professionals great analytical skill, proactive, initiative and ambitious they are looking for an opportunity for career growth.

This internship could be in the morning ( from 9:00h to 14:00h) or in the afternoon (15:00 to 20:00h)


  • Correctly interpret strategic guidelines laid down and bring new ideas and solutions to suit the needs of the project.
  • Address the communities created around each project, effectively resolving any incidents, managing their contributions and present them with all kinds of content according to their interests.
  • Location of possible alliances and negotiating agreements that ensure maximum exposure of both the content created as the project itself.
  • Report analytically and summarizes the actions taken and the results achieved.
  • Creating content in English and Spanish, aligned with the content strategy and positioning is established.
  • Write and optimize web texts in multiple platforms (sites, blogs, social networks...)
  • Degree preferably in a discipline related to marketing and communications or equivalent
  • A personal or social project in which you demonstrated your passion for communication or written content.
  • Familiarity with the use of basic office suite (word processing and spreadsheets).
  • Be assessed to be passionate about internet, be active on social networks, having his own blog, web design skills, etc...
  • Possibility to sign a learnig agreement with universities or business schools
  • Ability to work in team: bring their own perspectives, openness to criticism, flexibility, empathy and assertiveness.
  • Self-motivation and resilience: ability to search incentives, constantly generating new opportunities and overcome setbacks.
  • Proactive and self-learning ability
  • Perfect english and Spanish
  • Working knowledge of french or german language is a great advantage.
As well his person is going to receive SEO learning free!

Send us your CV here: work@camaloon.com

/ federico