3 original ways to play with hearts

At Camaloon, our love of fresh ideas sees us frequently delving into our imaginations to take a second look at things we may have put to one side and forgotten about, just to do something new with them. And seeming as Valentine's Day is just around the corner, we thought we'd take the humble heart symbol out of the archives, break with tradition (and its traditional association with corniness) and see what kind of new life we could inject into it.Create your t-shirt with heart

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is officially a thing of the past (and a cheesy cliché to boot). It's time to wear your heart on your heart. What could be more subtle and gorgeous then a cozy white hoodie or sweatshirt with a neat little heart design to add a splash of colour? If you live by your passions, it's time to show it!

Create your mirror with hearts

Have a blast using our easy online design tool to transform a simple heart design into something smarter, wittier and maybe even prettier if possible! Personalise high quality pocket mirrors with a touch of love and luck. And put some heart into your endeavour!

Create your tote bag with heart

Reinvent the wheel! When it comes to design, no time being creative is wasted time. Free your imagination. Allow those little red hearts to sneak into unimaginable places to give new form and meaning to the same old.

It couldn't be easier to work these designs and more with Camaloon. Have a go! You officially have licence to be a heart-breaker.

/ federico