Oval pin badges for your corporate events

When we think of the pins and their form the first thing that comes to mind is a round shape, the classic one, the most common one, a flagship pin for Camaloon. But when we speak about the format, there are several options we must consider. A whole range of shapes to satisfy all the requests we receive every day from all over the world. Here at Camaloon we decided to focus on five varieties of pins, different shapes for all occasions.

Today we would like to introduce the oval pin badges, ideal for marketing campaigns, for corporate events or merchandising actions. The oval badges measure 70mm x 45mm and they are perfect for those who have horizontal logos or images that fit these dimensions. These badges allow you to fit your logo exactly as it is, without having to shrink it or adapt it.

More space for breathing and definitely multifunctional: these are the oval badges.

Tania Vanio from Splönk has created these oval badges as a accreditation to enter the Congress of Fashion Bloggers and Personal Shoppers. Definitely an original idea to create a press pass and a gadget of the event .

Customise your oval badges too and discover on our website all the ways you can use them!

/ federico