Paper Bags Printing Technique Explained

Paper bags can be seen everywhere, but you want yours to shine in a unique way. For this reason, you are searching for advice about the printing technique used to personalise paper bags.

Do not worry. You have found the proper article to understand everything that there is to understand about silkscreen printing technique for the personalisation of paper bags.

Your business visual identity is going to stroll through the city streets and be noticed by everyone. This will allow you to increase your brand awareness in no time.

This solution is used by many other businesses, but let’s see how you can personalise the paper bags in a way that provide quality to you and your company.


Silkscreen printing

This is one of the most used and well-known printing techniques available. It was already used in ancient times and through some developments it’s still being used today. It is suitable for many different materials like cotton fibres and paper.

With silkscreen technique, also known as serigraphy, colours are printed one at a time. This is because a mesh gets created for each colour. Then the mesh is enclosed in a frame and the ink is poured and spread down and up the paper bag item leaving a permanent print.

Silkscreen works very well with Pantone colours, while it has difficulties reproducing designs that contain more than 6 colours.

A very interesting thing about this technique is that once the mesh is created the design can be printed an infinite number of times without losing any quality.

The more paper bags item you will order the lower the price per unit will get. This makes silkscreen printing perfect for big orders.


Silkscreen’s advantages 

There are many reasons why silkscreen printing is the most used printing technique for the personalisation of promotional products. Most of the good reasons can be find listed here below:

  • Budget friendly due to its repetitive printing system
  • High quality definition and durability
  • You can use Pantone colours
  • Can be applied on almost every type of material available on the market

Silkscreen’s disadvantages  

There are also some things about silkscreen printing that are not that advantageous. Do not worry it’s nothing big, but it’s always better to know earlier than later. Again, you can find a list here below about the disadvantages related to silkscreen:

  • Can result to be expensive for individual or small orders
  • Usually requires a minimum order
  • Limited number of colours


Order Pricing

There are many factors that can influence the final price of your order. It is important to understand the factors which you should pay attention to in order to make the right buy. Some of these are: 

  • Model
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Handle style
  • Colour
  • Front/Back Printing

Depending on the paper bag model type you want to choose the final price can vary substantially. There are models suitable for different needs, like presents, shopping and wine bottles.

Quantity can easily influence the price. If you want to reduce the final price, you will have to increase the number of items in your order.

Different sizes and weights can also influence your final price. Make sure you choose what you really need. In big orders, this can make all the difference.

Another feature to pay attention to are the handles. The style of the handle can make a change in the price of your order that you might want to pay attention to. The twisted handles are more expensive than the flat handle paper bags.

Coloured paper bags are also more expensive. Make sure the colour matches your brand’s colour if you want to make that extra expense.

Lastly, a double side, front and back print, also costs more than one side print. Ponder on the idea of the utility of your personalisation to make the best choice. 


Summing up

At Camaloon we think silkscreen printing it’s the best printing technique to use for paper bags. That is why we do not offer any other printing options.

Now you have all the information about the silkscreen printing technique and how to personalise your next paper bags. With this guide, you will be able to make the best and most cost-effective decision. If you need our help, feel free to contact our team. We will more than happy to help in the process.

Also, if you are looking for some inspiring marketing ideas check out our article about how to use paper bags to build a marketing campaign.

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