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Pen Printing Techniques Explained

Do you need some personalised pens for your company but don’t know the difference between screen printing and pad printing? You’ve heard about laser engraving but wonder if it will break the bank? What about digital printing?

Here’s some helpful information about the printing methods used to create personalised pens to help you make the best choice for your business.

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Pen printing options at Camaloon

At Camaloon, we make printed and engraved pens using screen printing, pad printing, digital printing and laser engraving.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing (serigraphy) is a printing technique that uses a fine screen or a mesh to transfer a design onto a product. The products are heated after printing to ensure proper curing.

When to choose screen printing for your pens?

You should opt for screen printing if:

  • You need lots of pens
  • Your design is simple and has up to four colours

Screen printing is best suited for printing large quantities and designs with no more than four colours. Each colour in your design requires its own screen and each layer of colour equals additional preparation time and resources.

Screen printing pen

What is pad printing?

Pad printing (cliché printing) is a printing technique where a design is etched into a metal plate called a cliché and then filled with ink. The ink is then transferred onto a product with a flexible silicone pad.

When to choose pad printing for your pens?

You should opt for pad printing if:

  • You need lots of pens
  • Your design is fairly simple and has up to four colours

Pad printing is more precise than screen printing because it allows you to print more detailed logos and small text without sacrificing quality. It is an excellent choice for larger orders and designs with up to four colours. Small batches are not cost-effective because each design and ink require a separate cliché, which takes time and resources to prepare.

Pad printing pen

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a printing technique that works similarly to a standard colour printer for paper in that it recreates an image from a computer. A printhead sweeps across a product, transferring ink onto the product surface. 

When to choose digital printing for your pens?

You should opt for digital printing if:

  • You need fewer pens
  • You want many different colours, shading or gradients 

With digital printing, you can print as many shades as you need or want. You can print logos in various colours as well as images and photos. However, you need to bear in mind that the printing surface on pens is quite limited. Results also depend on the quality of the original image. Compared to screen printing and pad printing, the digital printer requires only one setup, resulting in a lower start-up cost.

Digital printing pen

What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving is a printing technique that alters the surface of a product by using a laser beam. The laser generates a tremendous amount of heat, vaporising the matter and revealing the cavities that comprise the final image.

When to choose laser engraving for your pens?

Laser engraving is suitable for single-colour logos or simple designs. Large, complicated designs or logos with colour gradients are not suitable for laser engraving. If you want a more precise finish and more exclusive promotional pens, laser engraving is the way to go. You can be confident that your design will not fade or be scratched off, and you will be remembered as a high-quality company. Yes, laser engraving costs a bit more, but laser engraved pens are a long-lasting, sophisticated gift that will increase brand awareness.

Laser engraving pen

To conclude

We hope you found this guide helpful. If you are not sure how to use pens for advertising, check our blog on how to use pens to market your business. Besides pens, Camaloon offers a range of items with long-lasting durability and for every budget. Browse our website for more products!

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