Personalise Bags With These Printing Techniques

Are you finding difficulties in choosing which printing technique to use to personalise your bags? You are in the right place! Yes, because Camaloon aims at helping its clients make the best choice for their future products. So, whether you are looking into personalising tote bags, shopping bags, jute bags, backpacks and kids’ bags, you landed on the right page.

Here you will find the essential information to solve your doubts and move on to the next stage of your marketing campaign. Let’s look into the different printing techniques available to personalise bags and explain the pros and cons of each one. After this, you will be 100% able to make the right choice for you and your business. Let’s get started!


Printing techniques

The types of printing techniques Camaloon offers for bags are:

  • Screen printing
  • Full Colour DTG (direct-to-garment)

Screen printing

This technique has already been around for a long time. It keeps being one of the best in use to this day. Images are transferred onto garments by pressing ink through a mesh. The colour in use passes through the parts without the image. With this technique, only one colour can be used at a time for a maximum of six colours. Screen printing is also known as serigraphy and it’s a very effective technique. Its prints are high quality and long-lasting.

Full colour – DTG

Digital printing is a technique very similar to one of the inkjet printers people tend to have at home or the office. Four colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black, known as CMYK) are automatically mixed to create the colours needed. The printing method acts directly on the material to personalise. High-quality details on every type of cotton item.  

Digital printing

With this printing technique, the design is printed directly on the bag. There is no need to create a mesh or to use a frame. You can send your design in a PDF file and the picture will be transferred on the item of your choosing. Digital printing is one of the most versatile personalisation methods. Its ideal to personalise every type of bags.


Which one you should use

You should use screen printing if:

  • Your design graphic is simple
  • You are using Pantone colours
  • Your order is big, and you want to order in bulk
  • You need a cost-effective and budget-friendly method

You should use digital printing if:

  • Your graphic design is elaborated and is made of several colours
  • You want to print pictures or photos
  • Your order is urgent and small



Depending on which type of bag you would like to personalise you will also be able to calculate your costs. To understand how the prices are calculated you can scroll at the end of the page dedicated to the bag of your interest. You will find a table similar to the one you can find here below in the picture.

In this table for example you can see that for the serigraphy the price per unit varies according to the number of items and the use of colours requested.

In the meantime, for digital printing, the price for an item decreases the more quantity is ordered. Overall, you can lower your cost per item by ordering in bulk.


Most of our clients have shown to be curious about whether there is a maximum area for printing the business design and how to make sure the design is centred.  

The printing area can vary depending on the dimension of the bag selected. Just to give an example, for paper bags it can go from a minimum of 8 x 15 cm to a maximum of 28 x 30 cm.  

Regarding the centredness of your design on the item, it will be taken care of automatically by our online instrument. If you have any doubts about how the design is going to look on the item that you have selected, make sure to contact us.



We hope that you can find it easier to choose which printing techniques are more suitable for you and your business. Promotional products are very important parts of a marketing campaign. For this reason at Camaloon, we are always available to help our clients make the right choice for their businesses. Our website contains all sorts of promotional products your business could be looking for. So, feel free to browse around and get in contact with us if you need any help.

If you are in search of marketing ideas for your next campaign check out our article on 6 types of bags to conquer your target audience.

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