Personalised pens for businesses

Personalised pens are among the most popular of all stationery products for businesses. They are the go-to stationery item used day in, day out in any office.

Thanks to their affordable price, they are the perfect product to be distributed en masse and used as promotional material at events, meetings and fairs.

That's why they are the perfect product for companies that want to promote their business or create customer loyalty.

It's common sense that personalised promotional pens are used on a daily basis and all clients carry them around with them, promoting your brand even more.

Given that they're one of the most popular merchandising items, it's crucial for companies to choose the best pen model that combines with its logo and corporate image, taking in mind the print area that can be personalised and the colours available.

Depending on the model, logo printing can be adapted to the pen barrel or the clip.

There are many models available that can be personalised. At Camaloon, we have classic, plastic or metal ballpoint pens, eco-friendly pens and a top-end premium range. Pens for all preferences and needs!

Our selection includes the most popular and searched-for models on the market and some of the most innovative models to satisfy all needs.

Businesses are choosing to pair personalised pens with personalised notebooks, another personalised stationery product that fits perfectly with personalised pens and pencils.

Another combo that is always a success and that many businesses gift their employees is the custom pens and mugs pack.

If you would like a quote or more information to place an order for custom pens online, please fill out our form.

Discover the difference between a pen and a personalised pen!

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