Photography and badges - bringing Instagramers together

On 21st March, Igers met in L'Aquila, Italy, to attend WWIM11 (World Wide Insta Meeting nº11), with the aim of bringing together all the fans of this social network, both virtually and physically.

The idea for the meet-up came from a desire to get to know each other, exchange opinions and photos, and challenge each other to see who could take the best snapshots, using the stalwarts of Instagram - filters and hashtags.

To do so, the Instagramers went on a photographic journey through the heart of the city. An itinerary of a few kilometers took in the architectural works from several periods; from medieval right through to contemporary. The Igers who took part received a badge with the Aquila Instagramers' logo, the company who organized the event.

The badge went with the attendees for the whole of the tour, who used them to immortalize sculptures, people and even views.

If you want to check out all the shots taken by the artists at the event, all you have to do is search for #IG_WWIM11_LAQUILA on Instagram

/ federico