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guests' badges pictures (square)

Picture : Coline from Tours, FRANCE

The best part of life is when you celebrate it with the one you love most!

Don't miss this opportunity of telling them how much you care about them!

And if there is a special event going on such as a wedding, it is the time of expressing it to them through a pin -badge.

Look at those pictures and you'll see that this little detail makes a big difference!

wedding pin badges Camaloon

Pictures: Marion from St Jean d'Angely, FRANCE

Everyone will remember this wedding by this little goodie. And better, they will bring it back home!

Emotion is in the air. It's all written on this badge!

Camaloon's pin-badges for weddingCamaloon wedding pin badges

Pictures: Marion from St Jean d'Angely, FRANCE

How beautiful! This little pin-badge is the little plus to make them feeling amazing.

What you have to do is to make it like !

Create them on our Atelier, or if you'd rather use a professional editing tool such as Photoshop or Illustrator, just remember to save it in JPG first.

Thank you Coline and Marion for these outstanding pictures!!! We hope you loved wearing the badges as much we enjoyed producing them.

Enjoy events, enjoy your wedding with Camaloon!