​How to create the Polaroid effect with your pictures

If we had to describe Polaroids in one sentence, we could say they are what we have in mind when we think of instantaneous pictures. They create a mix of excitement and magic while pressing on that button. And just like that, your picture comes to life in your hands.

Polaroids are back in fashion and we thought of a way of adapting that special Polaroid Pic 300 format to our products: the rectangular magnet is the product that suits the most!

white magnet for polaroid format

If you want to do it with Photoshop you can, but we have a tip for you to make it easier.

To get the Polaroid effect just add a white margin to the pictures and then upload them on our Atelier to get a preview.

Small tip to create a Polaroid effect on rectangular magnets: upload the picture on our Atelier, adjust the dimensions and place it in the upper part.

Camaloon Atelier for white magnet (polaroid)