Talent & character. Let's introduce to you Adrian

-Present yourself in two lines/ three adjectives.

My name is Adrián, but everyone calls me Adri). I am from Galicia (an autonomous region of Spain) and I am 19 years old (the youngest here at Camaloon, and that's cool!). I love numbers.

-What did you like in Camaloon?

Camaloon is a young company, and the work enviroment is very good; you do not work alone, you can ask for help whenever you need it. There are people from all around the world, where I work we are six people from four different countries.

-Your impressions on your first day

Where I arrived I met everyone and I sat down for a few minutes to organize my day. After that I had a few meetings and I realized you could give your opinion on everything.

-What will you work on in Camaloon?

I am the email marketing specialist and responsible for every email that has Camaloon as the "from". I have to create the emails, to know the tools we use and to analyze all the data to improve.

-Tell us something about you. We love to gossip! ;)

When I was 13, I toke part the Mathematical Olympiad (OME) and I only had one problem I could not solve (I would have passed to the next phase) within the time limit. Once it finished it came to me how to solve it.

/ federico