Camaloon's crew member presentation: Hari

Hari Camaloon

-Present yourself in two lines/ three adjectives.

My name is Harí and I'm still studying to earn my bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. Also, I've been developing some web stuff in my free time.

My hobbies haven’t change since I was a kid: computers, travelling, and hiking. Fortunately, currently I'm able to do all three of them here in Barcelona.

-What did you like in Camaloon?

Before coming here, I was looking to do my internship at a startup. I wanted a small company, young and where I could learn and do some real work (not just making coffee). Camaloon was my immediate answer. Young people, good environment, and very professional, I didn't hesitate to apply.

-Your impressions on your first day

I immediately felt like I belonged here.

-What will you work on in Camaloon?

I will be interning as a back-end developer.

-Tell us something about you. We love to gossip! ;)

A couple of years ago, I was in Romania with my girlfriend when we decided to travel and get to know the amazing nature of the country. So, we went to the train station and asked the ticket seller where to go. A few hours later, we were in the middle of a dense forest when we heard some slow, heavy steps from some bushes close to us. Nervous, I grabbed a stick and I prepared myself for the worst situation, although I already knew what it was. Because many people warned us in advance that there were a lot of bears in this area. Luckily, there were other hikers approaching us. "Urs!" We shouted, which means "bear" in the local language, and they started to make noises. Whatever it was in the forest, it went away. The day after that, I couldn't stop laughing when we went to a reserve and I saw how large the bears were. It would have cleaned its teeth with my stick.

/ federico