Presenting: Paula Blanche

We have the pleasure to be with you today and to ask you a few questions:

Hello Paula! Can you tell us what Camaloon brings to your mind?

I think Camaloon is a great platform on which people can watch my designs turned into products. It is also a great opportunity for me to get into the market and be to be known as an illustrator.

What products would you like to design for Camaloon ?

I’d like to see my design turned into indoor decoration products, such as pillows or dishes, even tote bags. I’d love to make coins or to use my current designs to make clothing or skirts.

What are your centres of interest?

Everything that is related to fashion or everything I fancy.

Where does your passion for art come from?

Since I’m a kid, I always loved to draw, like all my family. Thus, I guess I just followed the family tradition. When I srudied in secondary school, I started to get interested in fashion, I remember me drawing models and their clothes.

How do you get your inspiration?

I get inspired by fashion trends. Beauty in general inspires me. I love to draw women with all the subtle beauty of womanhood. My inspiration also comes from the fashion movies I watch, the actresses I follow and the blogs about fashion I read.

How to you manage to create?

Well, my favorite place is my bedroom. It is a quiet place where the decoration inspires me. Moreover it is a studio-room, so I love this place. I spend all my time in this room with my Mac trying to find pictures that inspire me to start drawing something. The music is also a great tool to help me working.

Last comment ?

I hope Camaloon and me will make the best team and that it will last over the time.

It was a pleasure to know you Paula and I hope to see you soon! And you readers, come to discover her awesome designs here:

Paula Blanche’s Gallery