How to promote your work with square pins

Rob is a creative designer who works and lives in Greece with strong values in llustration and graphics. Rob uses to draw with pencil and converting the resulting images in the computer. He has been a freelance designer for 25 years drawing and developing ideas and techniques, which he uses in personal and commissioned work alike. When we got in touch with him we saw the great potential of his project "Animal Behaviour and Celebrity Sunday" for printed products. So here the collaboration starts:

Hi Rob, what can you tell us about your project?

Currently I have two main projects on the go; Animal Behaviour and Celebrity Sunday. Animal Behaviour started some 5 years ago, and was inspired by my companion animal; Honey and my interest in lateral thinking. The idea was to explore and promote the love of animals, both in my self and generally, in a more interesting way. Each illustration has a chosen animal that is portrayed by a twist in their name, a feature of their characteristic or a simple play on words. By the end of May I will have 70 animals in the collection. This has been shown in two exhibitions and a third in 2018, as well as being very well received online. Celebrity Sunday started about 2 years ago. The idea was to test out an ability to draw caricatures (as I have been asked so many times), and at the same time to find a practical and technical way to speed up the process I use in creating works. Usually my works were taking something like 2 weeks. I managed to cut my animal art down to 3-5 days, but still I challenged myself to the task of trying to complete an image in a day. So Celebrity Sunday was born. I wake up get on the computer and don’t stop until I have completed. This happens (almost) every Sunday. The visuals needed to take a similar path, so I devised a way to make the celebrities look like they have entered into a photo booth for a passport photo; all having a simple grey background. The caricatures are on their third series now, and also include a whole set of vintage versions.

What do you think of our products?

On receiving the products I was pleasantly surprised and instantly satisfied. The quality is excellent and the finish I chose as well as the holder and materials used was top quality. Wearing them I get some comments which is also a good sign of a good product. The only fault I could mention was that they were all shipped together in a plastic bag, and some of the metal fasteners created pressure marks ons one of the surfaces. This needs to be protected in large orders. But overall I love them!

How you would use our products?

At present with the pins, I am simply handing them out to family and asking them to wear in public. A good form of advertising my art on a great product. Personally I add one to my clothes when venturing out as well. They do grab attention and am eager to get them online to sell, as we have had so many enquiries.

What do you like most of the badges?

The choice of shape was an interesting and positive factor, but also the lustre feel of the items I chose. Giving variety of choice is a key factor in todays print on demand product ranges. The fact my art suits them well, makes the square versions like mini prints of my work, which is ideal for my intentions. I look forward to greater involvement in this line of marketing.

/ federico