A rendezovus with speaking after 23 years

We can define this as a real love history between two artists: the provocative Marina Abramovic and the german perfomance artist Ulay. They met first time in 1976 when they started to work toghether in several performance acts. It was love at first sight. They worked togehter creatively for 12 years, devoting body and soul to make performances with a specific focus: the conceptualization of the human. In 1988, Ulay and Abramović decided to make a spiritual journey which would end their relationship. Each of them walked the Great Wall of China, starting from the two opposite ends and meeting in the middle. Ulay started from the Gobi Desert and Abramović from the Yellow Sea. After each of them walked 2500 km, they met in the middle and said "good-bye". This was their last performance titles "Lovers". An idea, that everybody recognize truly amazing to end a relationship.

After that, they stopped seeing for 23 years until the day that Marina exposed in Moma her exhibition "The Artist is Present" which basically consisted of looking for 1 minute in silence to all who sat in front of her ... until was Ulay to sit in front of her! So, after 23 years, that was the moment for their rendezvous: The big love of her life sitting there, staring at her for 60 endless seconds.

That was the result:

/ federico