Rototom Festival Stickers

For several years, the Rototom Festival has chosen Camaloon as the producer of its personalised products. We've asked their head of Merchandising what leads brands such as Rototom nowadays to opt for personalised products.

The Rototom Festival is a now a benchmark in the Reggae world. How is the brand Rototom perceived by the public nowadays?

After 24 years, the public has somewhat made the brand Rototom Sunsplash its own and has internalised it in order to adapt it in their own way, to their own style. Both those who've followed us from the start and the public that have only just become familiar with us associate our brand with multicultural values, respect, peace, and of course, a love of music and artistic expression.

Just as with all big festivals, merchandising is a key aspect for establishing a better connection with the public. Where will it take place and how is it incorporated in the festival?

Merchandising has a particular importance within a festival: its own stand in concert venues and also a website where it is possible to buy products online. The catchphrase this year (2017) is 'Celebrating Africa' and we've released charity merchandising for this too. Designed exclusively for Rototom Sunsplash, it will introduce the public to the colours, cultures and history of the continent. Every purchase made will help to finance aid programmes in Senegal, Mali or Burkina Faso.

When did you decide to begin making stickers? What was the inspiration that influenced the images and materials you decided on?

Rototom has been producing stickers since it first began: stickers are the cheapest merchandising item and also the most sought after, and that's why we're working with new designs each year.The catchphrase of every festival inspires us when designing the images and choosing the materials. Not to mention, out of these new ideas, we always rely on a line of designs that best characterize Rototom and its reggae essence. The logo, the lion and the red, yellow and green flag are some of the 'classics' that are sold most.

What do you hope to achieve with the distribution of stickers?

Stickers represent a strong means of communication and a way of having got our public hooked on the brand.

/ federico