A clever self-promotion technic: Badges!

Merixtchell Miguel's badges

Creative people need to promote their work like any other service. But they also need to be original in their communication in order to prove their creativity.

For Meritxell Miguel, wedding photograph specialist, a simple badge was all she needed to promote her work. A nice logo, a short title about her profession and finally the website address on a nice polka-dot background. This badge is easily feasible whether it's made on Photoshop or any other Editing tool as it's composed of four main layers only.

Meritxell Miguel

The simplest details can be the most efficient. Just a dark box, a sticker with the brand, the product and the badge: the package is ready to be sent.

Here is a little tip that might be helpful for the creation of the packaging, the giveaway or the communication goodies: it's recommended not to exceed 3 colors in order for clients to identify the brand through the chosen colors.

Meritxell Miguel's badges