Camaloon has proven the strength of its stickers!

Quality is no laughing matter.

We understand you need to trust in order to place your order.

That's why we tested our sticker quality to show you how reliable it is.

From Barcelona to Tahiti, we make tests worldwide to be sure that you can trust us 100%!

Hundreds of water balloons have been thrown from the 5th floor of our building on a Camalooner to show you how resistant our stickers can be! Moreover, check how they perform under water.

We went all the way to Tahiti and we saw Gabriel Medina winning there! And so, speaking about surf, we swam with Camaloon stickers on our surf board and our fins.

You can test it yourself, they are all water resistant to provide you with a longer lasting sticker.

Because what you buy is what you love, so we have to take care of it.

Create your stickers or pick it up from the Shop.

And if you want to take it off you can easily peel them off.

Enjoy the video and comment on our Facebook.

Have a fresh moment of creativity with Camaloon!