Skins Gallery: New items!

For the past year, mobile phones stopped being the centre of the Tech-fever. Other devices got into the wave such as, iPads, Tablets….And they really shot it up! UK is the 9th country in the world with more internet users (all devices included)!

You might love your phone, but don't you want it to be exceptional?

There are plenty of ways to customise you mobile device, but Camaloon wants to offer you a way we love: Custom skins! If your pet can wear clothes, why can’t you dress up your phone?

Skins are the most original idea to turn your device into something totally unique.

Your iPads can be even fancier with custom skin!

The legend tells there is no need to have neither a great imagination nor a lot of money to make your iPad into the most unique device in this world. Get rid of those ridiculous covers you can see everywhere and start your custom skin-revolution!

The iPad mini and the iPad Air are the new items of the Camaloon Gallery & Atelier which have already iPad 2/3/4.

Smartphone celebration!

On Camaloon we provide you skins for mobile phones such as Nexus 5 and Nokia Lumia 520, already available with those of iPhone 4/4s andiPhone 5.

Customising you Nexus 5 or Nokia Lumia is a good approach to express yourself without saying a word. Make the expression “a picture paints a thousand words” fashionable again through your customised Skins.

And if you were one of the first Mac Mini buyers, now it is your time to turn it into something exceptional!

But you can also count on its siblings, MacBook Pro 13 and MacBooks Air 11 and 13.

What does happen if you get bored of the design or you like it that much you want to keep it for life?

Every custom skin we produce is made with the best Vinyl which has a long term lifetime. Nonetheless, you can take it off whenever you want without making any mark on your device.

Move up and create your device skin! Life is too short to get bored with dull devices. Right?