So many smiles begin with a badge

The Fundación Sonrisas de Bombay is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and wants to show what it's achieved over the years peacefully battling against poverty and defending Human Rights.

The NGO is strongly dedicated to social transformation via structural change and mainly works in the slums of Bombay, which are pockets of poverty and inequality. The charity has successfully managed to promote self-sufficiency and equal rights and opportunities through their ongoing battle with their development projects.

That's why, on their 10th anniversary, Sonrisas de Bombay presents SMILEYWOOD, an insight on the lives of the people that the foundation works with every day through education, health, socio-economic and awareness projects.

SMILEYWOOD also addresses the many people, collaborative partners, volunteers and companies that support the Sonrisas de Bombay project. Camaloon is one of the collaborating companies supporting SMILEYWOOD doing its bit to help. Sonrisas de Bombay and Camaloon have made t-shirts and canvas bags (only currently available in large quantities), and Camaloon has provided badges with the SMILEYWOOD logo, which are sure to make those wearing them smile.

chapas Sonrisas de Bombay

SMILEYWOOD is centred around activities taking place from Sant Jordi, 23rd April, until the end of 2015. With a mix of emotions and an element of surprise, the event's aim is to promote the charity's work and get more people involved in the project and of course, spread more smiles.

The campaign's main event will be the “SMILEYWOOD” show on 16th June in the Teatre Barts in Barcelona. Nine-hundred people are expected to attend to raise money for the projects. As well as the show, there will be street marketing which will help promote the campaign, such as the Bollywood flashmob on the Parallel in Barcelona, organised for the weekend. All money raised will go towards the NGO's project.

/ federico