7 Star Wars products that use the Force!

Star Wars is officially back. The Force Awakens, has been trending for weeks now and it's all but impossible to avoid hearing spoilers on social media.

All of which is totally normal. Star Wars is one of Hollywood’s hottest cinematic enterprises and is known, if not loved by people from literally across the globe. Including our artists here at Camaloon who have been powerless to resist the Force, inspired as they were to create works in homage to George Lucas’ saga.

Check out 7 works below that have been made with the most loyal of Star Wars fans in mind.

First up we have featured work "May The Love Be With You" by Ale Giorgini, one of our bestselling artists who has made a rad illustration inspired by a father-son relationship. Looks awesome on t-shirts or smartphone covers.

This second work pictured above by artist La Pictoteca offers a hipster version of Darth Vader. It wouldn’t be out of place adorning you at a festival with a beer In hand. Perfect for adding kudos to a pocket mirror and a whole variety of other accessories.

As we’ve already seen, our Jedi artists like to toy with humor and the genius of their creations is pretty mind-blowing. Check out Nicebleed who created this rad tote for cat lovers of a rare breed.

Next up is the ever-humorous Adam Lawless who uses Star Wars characters to create t-shirts to simply get people smiling. Imagine an assault troop of AT-AT walkers headed right for you!

This awesome Death Star magnet has just arrived from outer space, and is an ideal addition to your fridge for those daily reminders.

Above we have artist Pendietera’s version of Darth Vader, Kokeshi style. You couldn’t get a more awesome vinyl wall to add a jet of life to the walls of your room.

The final work is entitled "Stormtroopers Swordfighting" by our very own in-house illustration maestro Isaac Murgadella, blending the art of fencing with the ultimate in Star Wars items: the light saber. Use to create a space warrior t-shirt of the first order!

These are just a handful of the creations available in our online gallery! We hope to see many more products created by you that have been inspired by this most legendary of sagas.

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